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Around Langkawi – Perdana and Laguna Apartments on a budget.

Located within close proximity to an assortment of beautiful beaches, unique forest trails, jungle sightseeing, waterfalls, extreme sports, casual and fine-dining restaurants, tropical beach bars, duty-free shopping, state of the art marina’s and a handful of stunning golf courses, Both Perdana and Laguna Apartments truly offer a bespoke living environment on one of Southeast Asia’s most liveable islands.

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Acquaint with Langkawi

Acquaint yourself with Langkawi

pantai-cenang Langkawi Island belongs to a group of islands located about 31miles (51 kilometers) from the Northwest shores of Peninsular Malaysia. The island has a population of around 65,000 and the capital is Kuah with a population of only 14,000. For an island of its size and a population of only 65,000, Langkawi is not a very populated island.

This was once a sleepy island and its main activity was fishing and farming but today receives over 2 million tourists each year, attracted by the island’s sandy beaches and sunny skies. However, the island never seems crowded with tourists since many of the accommodations are spread out around the island.

Flying From The Mainland 640x409..300420144

Langkawi International Airport is about 20 minutes by car from Kuah and not more than 10 minutes from Pantai Cenang, being the closest beach. I always stay at The Laguna Langkawi Rental Properties, close to the airport, yet handy for beaches and all amenities and nightlife. Most flights to Langkawi are domestic flights served by low cost airlines Air Asia, Firefly or use Malaysia Airlines if you have the budget. They fly from either (KLIA) the International Airport or KLIA2 used by the budget Airlines. You can also fly from another Kuala Lumpur airport Subang. I have never used but appears popular, the flight time is around, 50 minutes from each airport to Langkawi. Flying from Penang is approximately 20 minutes to Langkawi.

Arriving by Ferry or Roadjetty-point-langkawi-1

If you decide to use a ferry services, departing from the mainland, Kuala Perlis or Kuala Kedah to the ferry terminal in Langkawi, I believe the travel time is about 60 and 90 minutes respectively. There are also ferry services from the island of Penang (3 hours) and the Thai border town of Satun. Sadly, you would need to confirm all of the above as its not my chosen mode of transport. Put me on a flight any day.

The journey by road from Kuala Lumpur to the ferry terminals is more than 250 miles (400 kilometers). Therefore it’s clearly best to fly rather than take to the road and then ferry to Langkawi

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Hotel OR Apartment.???


It is no secret that vacation rentals have become increasingly attractive to travelers compared to traditional hotels. Today, more travelers than ever have stayed in a vacation rental as an alternative to a traditional hotel during the past two years. But what about you? Ask yourselves why a hotel when you can rent an apartment? Here are 4 benefits you will get if you choose to stay in an apartment on your next trip.

Staying in a home instead of a hotel gives you a more local experience… If you want to experience the authenticity of a place, experience it like a local person. Renting an apartment in a true neighborhood is a straightforward way to feel like a local. Instead of staying in standardised hotel rooms, apartment rentals provide an opportunity for total immersion in another city. For instance if you are staying in a modern Langkawi apartment, every morning you could hop out to your local street vendor to get a fresh Roti or Nasi Lemak for breakfast. You will begin to feel like you really belong in the location you have chosen.



Staying in an apartment gives you more space… If confined hotel rooms are not your thing,you will welcome the additional space that apartments offer.Would you like to have extra rooms to unwind instead of being cramped up in one room.A vacation apartment can average 1300 square footage compared to 400 square footage for an average hotel room. You will realize very quickly how nice it is to come back after a long day of sightseeing to a home where you have extra space to lounge!

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Facilities – The Laguna Langkawi

12Laguna Langkawi common areas are wide and expansive, with lots of room to linger, mingle, breath in the fresh island air and take in the seaside views. Designed in a U shape with all apartments offering water views, the building centers on the pool. On a par with Langkawi’s 5-star resorts, the pool, one of the largest on the island, is surrounded by an expansive and curvaceous deck area.

This waterfront promenade and lounging area is well furnished, luxuriously 11equipped and nicely appointed. Set off by artfully tasteful design accents and tropical-tone lighting, along the grand deck are plentiful and tranquil areas to tuck yourself away; read a good book, listen to your music, chat with your partner and guests, or just chill out with some solo sunning.

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Residential Managment

Building Management

Our tried and tested property management strategies achieve our clients’ goals of minimising  operating costs and enhancing property value.

What do we do?

Our tried and tested property management strategies achieve our clients’ goals of minimising operating costs and enhancing property value. In all our operations, we maintain a very close relationship with our clients providing highly personalised services, efficient management and lower operating costs while maintaining consistently high levels of quality.

How do we do this?

Offering meticulous attention to detail and global standards of service, our team has a clear focus on maximising value and delivering cost-control in day-to-day building operation services such as daily cleaning, security, maintenance and repairs works.

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Live the Langkawi Island: The Perdana Apartments

At The Perdana Apartments, you are minutes from beautiful beaches, swimming in the sea, forest trails, jungle sightseeing, waterfalls, casual and fine-dining restaurants, nightclubs, tropical beach bars, Western-style pubs, duty-free shopping, Western groceries and all the rest offered by tropical Langkawi – perhaps Southeast Asia’s most livable island.

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Video tour

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced on Wednesday a proposal to delay the effective date of the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule until Oct. 1.

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